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Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable Vapes l 2.5g

Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable Vapes l 2.5g

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Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable Vapes l 2.5g

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable – a revolutionary experience that transforms the landscape of disposable vapes. Featuring a sleek digital display, preheat function, and USB-C charging, each 2.5-gram device is designed for your utmost convenience. Immerse yourself in the potent fusion of Live Rosin and THCA, available in a captivating array of strains such as Angel Cake, Sour Gorilla, Starberry, Night Queen, Island Honey, Banana OG, Blue Cherry Gelato, Pineapple Fruz, Pancake Ice, and Rainbow Grape.


The Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable introduces a cutting-edge digital display, providing a seamless way to monitor your consumption. Take charge of your experience, track your usage, and indulge in the modern design that enhances your vaping pleasure.


Experience the luxury of a generous 2.5-gram infusion of premium Live Rosin and THCA in every disposable. Torch THC-A ensures an ample supply of your favorite strains, allowing you to relish the goodness throughout your vaping journey. It's the ultimate delight for cannabis enthusiasts.

Bid farewell to power concerns with USB-C charging featured in the Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable.

Enjoy quick and efficient replenishment whether you're at home or on the go, providing you with the flexibility to charge your disposable with ease. Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable combines the synergy of Live Rosin and THCA in every draw, delivering an elevated and well-rounded experience. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of flavors and effects that only premium Live Rosin can provide

Additional Product Information

  • Strains to Suit Your Mood
  • Revolutionize Your Vaping Ritual
  • USB-C Charging for Convenience
  • Preheat Function for Optimal Enjoyment


Flavor | Strain: 

Angel Cake – Indica

Banana OG – Indica

Blue Cherry Gelato – Indica

Island Honey – Sativa

Night Queen – Indica

Pancake Ice – Sativa

Pineapple Fruz – Sativa

Rainbow Grape – Hybrid

Sour Gorilla – Sativa

Star Berry – Hybrid


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